I believe in the power of story.

Good stories create connection, incite passion,

and lead to positive action.

Let me help you tell yours.


“Partnering with Catie for social media and content creation for our small business has been an absolute pleasure. She strives to understand her customers and that knowledge translated into producing creative content. Catie is professional, creative, works well within tight timelines, and overall complimented our operation seamlessly – I knew I could rely on her expertise! I can’t recommend her enough!”

— Robin Glaeser, owner, InquisiTours

“For several years, Catie has been a dedicated and vital members of Sip Publishing’s contributing writers team. She is imaginative, investigative and driven, bringing unique voice to her pieces that focus on storytelling and exploration. Catie is a pro with constructive criticism, eagerly and quickly turns a revision draft and can handle any story you throw at her.”

— Erin James, Editor-in-chief, Sip Northwest

“I hired Catie to write for our social media channels at The Marcus Whitman Hotel. Her lifestyle coverage of the Walla Walla wine country experience was well received by readers, making a significant contribution to the size of our follower base. Catie’s warm and friendly writing style is both a delight to read, and effective prose in a world of very short attention spans.”

— Mark Sansom, Director of Marketing & PR, The Marcus Whitman Hotel

“Catie was incredibly professional to work with. Her keen eye, in-depth perspective, and passion were evident in the quality of the work she produced.” 

― Jeremy Flagg, author

“I was very pleased with the quality of Catie’s writing on the grants and marketing projects she worked on for the land trust. Her adherence to deadlines and attention to detail made my job easier.”

— Tim Copeland, Executive Director, Blue Mountain Land Trust