Grant Writing Services

Grants can be a huge financial aid to strapped nonprofits and small businesses, but researching funders and writing grants that adhere to their strict parameters is also a huge time suck. Here are some of the services I offer to ease this burden:

Potential Funders Search

  • Research and create a list of potential funders based on client’s mission, geographic location, and type of funding they are seeking.
  • Client receives alphabetized binder and soft copies (word documents) of information sheets on each funder

Proposal Writing

  • Write a full proposal for state, federal, or foundations grants in advance of deadline, following funder’s guidelines
  • Provide suggestions for communication with funder and supplementary materials

Proposal Critiques/Edits

  • This may include anything from simple proof reading or a deeper content edit and critique

Letter of Inquiry/Interest

  • Write a Letter of Inquiry or Letter of Interest to funders that require such documents before a full proposal, in advance of deadline, following given guidelines

Gold Standard Proposal Template

  • Creation of a full proposal template that contains all components found in most full grant applications.
  • A great solution if you have a project idea in need of funding and funders already lined up

Email me at for a free initial consultation to determine your needs. Please include the name of your organization and services you are interested in.

“I was very pleased with the quality of Catie’s writing on the grants and marketing projects she worked on for the land trust. Her adherence to deadlines and attention to detail made my job easier.”

– Tim Copeland, Executive Director, Blue Mountain Land Trust

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