Social Media Services

Social media has become a necessary part of interacting in today’s world. It can be a great way to expand your audience, keep supporters engaged, leverage more support, and act as an integral part of fundraising.

Social media can also be overwhelming, time sucking, and feel like a lost cause if not done right.

Social Media Landing Page Creation

  • Let me set up your social media accounts
  • I’ll create user names, tag lines, descriptions, and hashtags
  • I can also help you determine which platforms are the best fit for your audience

Social Media Management

  • Let me do the work for you
  • I’ll create or find relevant content to keep your target audience engaged with, and respond to comments and questions

Social Media Training

  • I can provide social media training to staff groups or individuals, as in-depth as you’d like to go
  • Less like boot camp, and more like summer camp –let me help your organization understand why and how social media is relevant to you, and how to manage it so it feels like fun instead of a chore!

These services are most appropriate for individuals and organizations who are new to social media or have limited knowledge of it, but would like to do more.